How To Get Your First 1000 Art Instagram Followers
How To Get Your First 1000 Art Instagram Followers
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The sole reason you may be using Instagram is to promote your artwork. However, to engage a long-term fan base, you do not want to come off as only wanting to sell your artwork to them. Some of the most successful people on Instagram show that it is even more important to develop a brand and style that people love. Only then will promoting your artwork seem natural and be most effective. The pieces you have for sale also have to be updated regularly, preferably somewhere else on the Internet like on your website, a group art website, or other social media pages.



She had big aspirations for this "foundation" and tried to get funding from a number of Manhattan’s wealthiest. Hana El Beblawy is a research-based visual artist and curator who studied visual art and architecture at the American University in Cairo . As Executive Art Director at Art D’Égypte, she is responsible for developing exhibition concepts, choosing venues and artists, and overseeing the execution of each show.



It’s okay to experiment, and it’s okay to take your time. However, once you discover your art style, stick to it. Your style will eventually change because you’re drawing every day. But it won’t change to such an extent that it’s not recognizable by your fans.



To do it right, you need to craft an image, create a little mystery, and get people interested in an artist that maybe no one has ever even heard. Along with monitoring ideal posting time, another essential aspect to be aware of is the quality of your images. Think of social media like a trade publication, and post something worthy for those in your industry. Ask yourself if the copy and image you’re posting will stand out and tell a story. You want to catch eyes and capture minds — pay attention to the data, so you know when is best.



Your bio is your first chance to say something about yourself to people visiting your profile. You don’t have many characters to work with, so it’s probably best to be short and sweet. If you have an original one-liner that always gets a laugh, now’s your chance to use it. Or, if you’re going for a more professional aesthetic, just tell people what you do and where you do it.



Read more about buy real instagram likes here. Sometimes, it is very refreshing to see a new piece of art after writing boring blog posts or articles. The best social media for artists are YouTube and Pinterest because both function as search engines that allow you to share evergreen content. Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are great platforms for branding and community-building, but the shelf life of content is very short. Sure, new social media platforms are bound to pop up, and one day Instagram may lose its luster. And as events continue to raise the bar for immersive experiences, Instagram event promotion promises to be a strong lever marketers can pull to generate hype and registrations. It all starts with these eight sure-fire ideas that will help you make a splash in everyone’s feed.



This is also a huge plus to promote your digital artwork through the use of hashtags and tweets. The morning is when most Instagram users check their feed, so keep this in mind and set your posting schedule accordingly. I live on the West Coast of North America, so if I post at 8 AM, I’m already late for my East Coast followers.



Join Nevue Fine Art Marketing's Newsletter to receive the latest art marketing articles. Dave Nevue is a Professional Pastel Wildlife Artist and the founder and CEO of Nevue Fine Art Marketing. He also authored the eBook The Productive Artist How to Live Your Dreams, and provides courses on art marketing at Nevue Fine Art Marketing Courses. The artists who are doing well on Instagram have suited how to market on Instagram, and they put in the hard work. You can even track how people found you and what type of followers they are.



Right now, they have built a massive audience to the tune of 3.3 million on Instagram. And since it’s their strong suit, Foundr founder Nathan now sells his Instagram marketing expertise in an online course called Instagram Domination at a whopping price of $1,997. There’s no doubt that there is a significant time investment involved, but it can pay dividends if you’re able to establish a large and loyal audience. The best part is all of the different ways you can monetize your brand later on. There used to be a lot of friction for e-commerce store owners who wanted to sell through Instagram, but not anymore. Instagram Shopping completely removes friction, letting customers easily check out products in the app and then head to your store at the click of a button.



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