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Correct design of the title page of the abstract in accordance with methodology in 2021

The title page is the first thing that a person who picks up an abstract sees. Errors in the design of the title page are striking in the first place. A sample of the correct title page of an abstract in accordance with methodology is formed on the basis of methodology “Report on research work. Structure and design rules " you may find it on the write my papers site in "guides" section. The title page should contain the information necessary to search and process the document.

The list of details that are written on the title page of the abstract is somewhat reduced in comparison with the complete list given in the methodology. It is enough to indicate:

  • The name of the superior organization in relation to the one on the basis of which this abstract is being carried out.

For most institutions of secondary vocational education, this is the Ministry of Education, for most higher educational institutions - the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. For sectoral universities, another ministry may also be the superior organization - this must be clarified before issuing an abstract. Any intra-university document (manual, order, etc.), which also indicates this requisite, can serve as a sample.

  • The name of the organization in which the abstract is being written. A sample of the design of this name is available to students on the university website or on a plate in front of the university entrance.

The title page must indicate the full name ("North-Eastern State University"), in addition, the abbreviated name ("SVGU") may be indicated.

  • Type of document (“Abstract).
  • Abstract topic. The title of the abstract is indicated in the assignment given by the teacher.
  • The discipline within which the abstract is written.
  • Information about the executor (s) and the head of the work.
  • City and year of writing the abstract.

Correct presentation of the content of the abstract

The second page (after the title page) when preparing an abstract is the content. It is sometimes referred to as a "table of contents". methodology establishes the requirements for what information should be indicated on the service:

  • Introduction.
  • The names of the sections and their parts available in the abstract - having the name of subsections and paragraphs. In abstracts, one-level or two-level division is usually used (two sections, two subsections each), the allocation of the third level is impractical due to the small amount of work.
  • Conclusion.
  • List of sources used.
  • Application names.

The content (if there are no attachments in the abstract) looks like this:

  • Introduction
  •  1. Title of the first chapter     
  •  1.1. First paragraph     
  •  1.2. Second paragraph
  •  2. Second chapter
  •  2.1. First paragraph
  •  2.2. Second paragraph
  •  Conclusion.
  •  Bibliography.

On the sheet of contents, not only the names are indicated, but also the numbers of the pages on which the corresponding structural elements begin. The requirements for how this abstract sheet should look differ in different institutions says writers: somewhere they require the use of a placeholder (dots or lines) between the section title and the page number, somewhere they prohibit it.  In order to correctly formulate the abstract, it is best to take a sample prepared specifically for your university. 

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Correct design of the abstract in accordance with methodology in 2021: sample, requirements


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