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Water Underground | How can we make hydrogeology free from plagiarism?  Reflections five years after a documented case of plagiarism in the  hydrologic sciences


  • What is Antiplagiarism and why is it needed?
  • How to bypass Antiplagiat?
  • Popular and Helpful Resources for Plagiarism Checker
  • What Anti-Plagiarism Methods Do Not Work?

Plagiarism is the main evil of the scientific world and the student's first enemy. What amazing, extraordinary, competent opuses we could all "write" if it were not for tight control. It was good before: my uncle wrote a diploma in auto mechanics, and all nephews, children, relatives from all sides actively use this family attraction. But no, they came up with the Internet. And with him and Antiplagiat. The advanced writers on this website will now go over the topic of anti-plagiarism in detail and bring important thoughts to you.

What is Antiplagiarism and why is it needed?

Any action can generate anti-action. The same thing happened with plagiarism, that is, illegal, unauthorized borrowing of someone else's content. Special programs and algorithms for checking the uniqueness of the test have been developed. They are called Antiplagiat.

In fact, the significance of this development for the educational system of Ukraine and the world as a whole is very great:

  • the level of responsibility and independence of each student increases;
  • unique, author's, new works are provided;
  • illegal and theft in the field of intellectual property is prevented;
  • the general level of education rises;
  • potential and new facets of science are revealed.

And let these phrases sound abstract, but all of them can be fit into the public phrase "the freebie will not work." Scientific articles, theses and term papers now have to either write yourself or order. As an alternative - competently rewrite someone's materials, so that no one would guess. But here it is still not clear which is easier - to write from scratch, or redo. If rewriting has become a problem, then we can help you write your work from scratch

The uniqueness score depends on the type of student work and discipline. So, for technical specialties, the requirements are always lower, for example, for diploma works - from 70%, while humanitarian areas are obliged to be more original - 80% and more

How to bypass Antiplagiat?

There are always options. We will talk about the so-called legal methods, which are quite acceptable and bring results:

  • Write the work yourself , starting from the selection of literature and ending with the formulation of thoughts on paper.

“Their” ideas have much more chances to be original. But this approach is not a panacea. Much has already been written and rewritten. And sometimes teachers recognize the next "masterpiece" of coursework as in the song "I recognize it from a thousand, by words, etc." Why? Yes, because words are monotonously rearranged from the Internet template, without creativity and without the slightest personal thought.

  • Use manual rewriting.

What is it? Relatively speaking, rewriting the text in your own words, without losing meaning and literacy. Even simpler is the presentation. To one degree or another, the technique is used by all scientists, since much has already been discovered, written, proven before us. The theory is based on someone else's authorship, so such material should be competently borrowed.

  • Optimize some SEO text parameters.

For example, spamming. This is one of the main enemies of uniqueness. Just imagine, there is an article about juvenile justice. If you use this term in each or through a sentence, the text will be spammed, and the use of pronouns, synonyms or other (literate and appropriate) meanings reduces this indicator, makes the text less "boring" and affects the percentages when checking. Many students are not even aware that such parameters exist. And even if they do, they don't understand what to do with it. It's good that we figured it out and are always ready to help with any study work, making it unspammed and unique.

  • Diversify sources.

At the heart of student work, for example, coursework, there should be at least 15 items in the list of literature. The more difficult the level, the longer the list. But let's be frank, in reality, at best, a few positions are taken as a basis, and the rest are for footnotes and a tick. If you approach creatively, look for foreign sources, new scientific articles on the topic and other "unfinished" material, the chances for uniqueness increase significantly.



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